Consultation for adolescents

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Our consultation for adolescents allows young people to engage with their own sexuality, relationship, love or boundaries. Sexuality is still tabooed in society, staged in media, commercialized and politicized which makes it essential for young people to engage with those subjects in a proper manner. 

The consultation-hours create a safe space in which everyone can talk freely about their own experience with sexuality, love and values. 

In Einrichtungen

We gladly come to your facility. 

We offer a part where we give input about sexuality, contraception, HIV/Aids and other STI, love and/or boundaries so that the adolescents get an overview about the subjects and questions they can ask us. It also helps them to open themselves more when they get to know us beforehand. After that the adolescents get the chance to come to us in a seperate room to ask their personal questions. This can be done alone, pairwise or in small groups. 

What we need: 

  • 1,5 hours (45 minute input, 45 minute consultation-time)
  • ideally 2 rooms, 1 with a door

We also offer the rapid tests and laboratory tests for sexually transmitted infections. For more information on the tests click here

The consultation can be done regulary or selectively.


Sometimes it's difficult for adolescents to get to our counseling center with public transportations. That's why we can perform the consultation for adolescents online. It's a one-on-one concept. 

Please contact us if you want that so that we can arrange an appointement and send you a link to the videoconference provider (BigBlueButton).


If you have questions about sexualtity, sex and gender, you can contact us on Signal (a messenger available for Android, iOS and Desktop). The number is:

0162 5204432

 Please note: In acute or urgent cases (e. g. violation of boundaries) please contact respective expert services. We can not guarantee immediate appointments.