Sex education

Gipsmodelle Genitalien

Sexuality shapes and accompanies humans throughout their whole lives. As a social concept the sexuality of humans is continuous affected by individual and social conditions. It is often difficult to recognize and communicate own wishes while living in an area of conflicts between individual needs and social standards.

Sex education is capable of supporting humans with these conflicts. Our offers develope with current social debates, are regularly reflected and expanded. They are oriented on principles which shape the content and methods aswell as the frame and handling.

human rights based

Human rights are the base of interpersonally interaction. Not only in legislation but also in human feeling, thinking and acting which means they are a foundation for a valuebased society. This values are not only reproduced in educational situations but also newly producted. Trough this they determine the social interaction of humans.

Human rights education should empower by getting all humans to know their rights and how to use them for themselves and others. Therefore it is a foundation for prevention of violation of personal borders. Therefore educational work aswell as sex education has to be human rights based.

Adolescents have the right for self-determined sexuality which includes:

  • the right to live sexuality
  • the right to know contraceptives and to choose freely between them
  • the right to be secured from sexual violence
  • the right to be advised confidently and to be treated medically
  • the right to decide if they want to get/be pregnant (or not)
  • the right to be secured against illness
  • the right to marry or not

(vgl. pro familia 2006 ‚Deine Sexualität – deine Rechte‘)

holistic and diversity oriented

Sex education must support humans with their individual development and encourage their self-determination. To reach this we use the holistic approach of sexual pedagogy of diversity which includes the most different living realities and embeds sex education into an universal frame.

Subjects like sex and gender, romantic orientation, self-determination rights, borders and needs and sexual consens are included in sex education aswell as knowledge about the human body, contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/Aids.


The development of a benevolently self image such as a positive body image are foundations for the perception and defense of our own needs and borders. A positive attitude towards yourself can be a prevention of the violation of borders aswell as a contribution to sexual health. Sex education can promote this by supporting a self determined attitude in reference to your own identity, body, desire and skills.

need orientated & lifetime comprehensively

In every episode of life are topics which are more important than others, some will become important others never matter for some people. This topics can be similar or very different for some people. Because of this we orientate our offers to the needs of each participant. This can be realised by speaking about needs beforehand or through diverse methods. Our offers are aiming at people every age and people with different living realities.


Projects in school settings are orientated to the curriculum of the respective class level.


 Sex education needs a trustful setting for people to get involved into topics, to reflect themselves, to generate an exchange of experiences and to clarify questions. To enable this we offer a wide variety of pedagogic methods which can produce open interactions. We use different media, materials and settings aswell as different senses. Self-determined forms of learning and participation of the attendees are in the focus during our projects.


All our offers always provide an attitude against discrimination and for a diverse, respectful interaction.

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